26A. Regulating filing of appeal by commissioner

(1) The commissioner may, from time to time, issue orders, instructions or directions for fixing such monetary limits as he may deem fit, for the purpose of regulating filing of appeal as per the provisions of section 27.

(2) Where, in pursuance of the orders, instructions or directions issued under subsection (1), the commissioner has not filed any appeal on any issue in the case of any appellant for any assessment period, it shall not preclude the commissioner from filing an appeal on the same issue in the case of-

(a) the same appellant for any other assessment period;

(b) any other appellant for the same or any other assessment period

(3) Notwithstanding that no appeal has been filed pursuant to the orders and instructions or directions issued under sub section (1), it shall not be lawful for any appellant, being a party in any appeal to contend that the commissioner has acquiesced in the decision on the disputed issue by not filing an appeal in any case.

(4) The court or, as the case may be, tribunal hearing such appeal shall have regard to the orders, instructions or directions issued under sub-section (1) and the circumstances under which such appeal was filed or not filed in respect of any case.

(5) Every order, instructions or directions which has been issued by the commissioner fixing monetary limits for filings an appeal shall be deemed to have been issued under sub section (1) and the provisions of sub-section 2,3 and 4 shall apply accordingly.

(6) The provision of sub section (7) of section 23, so far as it relates to the giving effect the court order shall also apply to the cases where the commissioner has not filed the appeal as provided under sub section (2) of this section.